All Things Customized | One Stop Corporate Gifting Store!

One Stop Corporate Gifting Store!

All Things Customized

One Stop Corporate Gifting Store!

All Things Customized

Project Overview

All Things Customized offers a comprehensive solution for corporate gifting, ensuring each gift is tailored to perfection. From personalized stationery to custom-branded apparel, they cater to a wide range of corporate needs, enhancing brand identity and client relations. With a focus on quality and creativity, All Things Customized transforms ordinary gifts into memorable tokens of appreciation, making them the go-to destination for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression.


  • Corporate Gifting B2B.


  • Low Brand Engagement.
  • Google Ads were generating low quality leads.
  • Need to bring down the CPC from 11.89 INR.
  • No activity on social media platform (Meta & LinkedIn).
  • Landing Page UI-UX was average.
  • Automation to Lead Pipeline was broken.

Services Provided:

  • Brand Awarness.
  • Engagements.
  • Performance Marketing.

KPI's Delivered


+Leads Generated


+Budget Handled


% Decrease in CPC



The Brief

All Things Customized is a premier corporate gifting store specializing in personalized gifts. Our project involves performance marketing to generate quality leads and enhance brand awareness. Through targeted strategies, we aim to attract businesses seeking unique corporate gifts, fostering engagement and driving conversions for lasting business relationships.

Our Idea

For All Things Customized, we strategized campaigns by researching quality keywords for Google Ads and promoting an engaging service video. Our ideas focused on targeting niche markets, using high-ROI keywords, and showcasing the customization process through captivating visuals. This approach aimed to drive lead generation and boost brand visibility effectively.

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Strategy & Execution:

1. An engaging motion graphic video was created portraying all fastmoving products, with an end-to-end process from ordering to delivery. customer testimonials, and CTA.

2. Google Ads keywords were researched and replaced with the ones which could yield high-quality leads.

3. CPC was brought down to ₹ 6.65 INR in 3 months.

4. lead generation ads were carried out on Meta with the motive to get user data, and engage the user and conversion was not the objective.

5. Since LinkedIn Ads leads are expensive website traffic ads were performed which gave better results.

6. Landing Page UI-UX was improvised with a proper funnel design engaging UI visuals videos and targeted CTA's.

7. Automation to Lead Pipeline was customized and developed to integrate multiple tools that could bring in all leads from sources like Meta, Website, and Whatsapp Call to a CRM and automated quick responses were sent to the users which increased the conversion by 38% overall.


In conclusion, we successfully tackled the challenges of low brand engagement, low-quality leads from Google Ads, high CPC of INR 11.89, inactivity on social media platforms (Meta and LinkedIn), average landing page UI-UX, and a broken automation-to-lead pipeline. By implementing strategic optimizations and ongoing improvements, we are witnessing positive results and enhanced performance across all areas.

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